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The booking is quick and easy. Select the type of the accommodation you like and just choose the dates of your travel. We will send you a booking confirmation shortly after the booking with details you might like to know before your trip. If you have any difficulties with the booking please contact us and we will look after you.

Grade II Listed house near Chatsworth

  • sleeps up to 10
  • parking for several cars
  • washing machine
  • close to local attractions

This house sleeps 8 adults + 2 and is situated in the popular village of Rowsley, close to the Chatsworth house or Haddon Hall. Build in 1809 but renovated into a high standard will provide an amazing experience. This stone build features beamed ceilings, sash windows, original shutters or wood burning stove.

Cosy cottage in Bakewell

  • sleeps up to 6
  • parking permit provided
  • traditional designed stone cottage
  • walking distance to all amenities

This cottage is ideally situated in the hearth of Bakewell and parking permit is provided for duration of your stay. It sleeps 6 in 3 large bedrooms, has a cosy living room and cute kitchen.

Cosy Cottage in the Czech Eden

  • sleeps up to 8
  • beautiful views
  • outdoor seating place with grill
  • large garden with a badminton
  • walking distance to all amenities
  • traditional wooden cottage

Position in the area known as Czech Eden. The name reflects the nature around – the green forests, mountains, stunning views and lowlands with river streams. Ideally located in the quiet area of a very popular village of Mala Skala, surrounded by greenery but all within walking distance to all local attractions and amenities. Take advantage of the walks around, direct train trips to Prague or a kids friendly boat journey.

Cancellation policy:

Every property has own cancellation policy. You can read terms and conditions:


You receive 100% of the refund if you cancel up to 1 day prior the arrival. Service fee will not be refunded.


Cancel up to 60 days prior the arrival and receive 100% of the amount. Cancel less than 60 days prior the arrival and receive 50% of the amount. Service fee will not be refunded.


You receive 100% if you cancel within 72 hours from the booking day.
Cancel 7 days before the arrival you will get 50% refund. Cancel less than 7 days before the arrival and you will receive 10% of the amount. Service fee will not be refunded.