Visit Derbyshire landmarks that are FREE

Mam Tor

4 popular Derbyshire landmarks with a view & FREE

Derbyshire is a very popular district in the East Midlands of England. There are several small towns worthy to visit for their attractions, landmark spots or simply enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Considering the current situation with the government restrictions, more and more people are escaping to the countryside and exploring the areas near them. Here are my favourite walks (suitable for kids too) where you do not necessary need to visit a souvenir shop as the extraordinary views will be something that money can’t buy. If lucky enough you will miss crowds of people.

Nine ladies stone circle at Stanton Moor

Nine Ladies Stone Circle at Stanton Moor. Credit: Visit Peak District

This is a beautiful and interesting walk for all ages but bear in mind that there is an incline. We have discovered it only recently and all of us fell in love into the views from Stanton in the Moor & Stanton in the Peak. The best is to park in Rowsley just behind the local Caudwell’s Mill. The walk is interesting as you walk through the meadows and different types of forest, exploring the old quarries. On the top of the hills you will have a wonderful views over Matlock and Rowley. Follow the path towards the Stanton Moor and you will discover a mystical place – Nine ladies stone circle and a fiddler. We have spotted the black deer! At that point you have reached the very top and you can start walking down via Stanton in the Peak, a village with a breathtaking views. The last part of the walk is through the fields among the sheep when you finally descent back to Rowsley.

Here is the map of the whole walk:

Monsal Head near Ashford in the Water

Monsal Head viewing point. Credit: Monsal Head Hotel

Monsal Head is one of the most photographed viewing point in the Peak District. If you do not want only drive there but walk, the best where to start the route is at Bakewell, Ashford in the Water or Hassop Station (depending how far you would like to walk). The traffic-free Monsail Trail from Bakewell or Hassop Station is extremely popular as it is suitable for both cyclists or walkers and it is very easy and flat. The route runs through old train track which is interesting and you get a chance to explore the old tunnels. At the Monsal Head viewing point you can sit on benches and enjoy the amazing views, have a picnic, walk along the river, or get a coffee. We love the stylish pub Packhorse Inn which is situated just 5-10min from Monsal Head.

Have a look at the menu in our favourite pub:

Star Disc in Wirksworth

Star Disc at night. Credit: Star Disc organisation

This attraction is unique in comparison to the natural beauty of the Peak District as it is man made, opened in 2011 to public. It is free & family friendly. Wirksworth is a town not far from the Carsington water. This landmark should be on the list of those interested into stars, sky and consttelations. There are events taking place during the year so if you would like to learn more, visit their website and book your stay in Derbyshire.

Mam Tor in Castleton

Mam Tor View. Credit: Peak District Walks

Mam Tor means “mother hill”. This landmark is situated in Castleton, in a town famous for it’s Blue John stone. This mineral is widely set in various jewellery pieces you can buy in the shops in Castleton. “Catleton-Mam Tor-The Great Ridge” is a circular walk and it is known for being one of the best ridge walks in the country. It takes lots of hiking so make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes. Start in the Castleton and walk via ridge way to the top of the Mam Tor. The stunning views from there are over Hope Valley, Edale or you can spot the famous Kinder Scout or Back Tor. The panorama are rated as one of the best in England. At the bottom part of the Mam Tor or nearby you can visit few caverns. By strolling down from The Great Ridge back down to Castleton you will reach the end where you can pop in the local, brand new visitor centre.

Download or view the PDF version of the walk: