Eyam , Derbyshire S32
United Kingdom

Population: about 1,000


Places to visit

Eyam (pronounced ‘EEM’) village is a historic village in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire. Based on the historical signs the village was occupied since Romans time. You can find several Grade I and Grade II listed buildings which just provide an evidence that the village has an old history.

The most famous fact about the Eyam is the Plague outbreak during 1665-1666. The villages decided to isolate themselves and many people died. It just reminds us the outbreak of Covid and its consequences in present times. When visiting Eyam you can see the first cottages affected by this incident. The history is just interesting!

There are lots to explore in this traditional village. It is close to the popular market town Bakewell or famous Chatsworth house.

Eyam Church http://www.eyamchurch.org
Eyam Museum
Eyam Hall http://www.eyamhall.net
Peak Pilgrimage http://www.peakpilgrimage.org.uk
Boundary Stone
Chatsworth house http://www.chatsworth.org

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